Inside the cabinet: Storage ideas for kitchen cabinet interiors

Most of the focus of a kitchen design goes into choosing everything from the cabinet color to flooring materials to countertop choices, but cabinet drawer interiors often get overlooked. Custom cabinet design doesn’t need to end with the hardware. There are several advantages of custom kitchen cabinet interiors that add practical accessories, bins, storage racks, and drawers. Unique and well-built storage solutions will automatically improve the usability and organization of your kitchen. With so many creative storage solutions from pull-out shelving to spice storage, the possibilities are endless.

Custom kitchen storage idea

Pull out shelves in a bottom cabinet are a great way to organize pots and pans eliminating the need to crouch down and crawl inside the cabinet to find what you need. The top shelf is a handy place to store lids.

Cutlery divider

Make the most of your drawer space with custom-made utensil organization. Unlike pre-made silverware trays, custom organization makes the most of the entire drawer space putting an end to useless gaps and spaces where pre-made trays fall short.

pull out spice rack

Pull-out storage next to the cooking range is a convenient place for spices and other items for easy access while cooking. The open sides allow for easy visibility.

Hidden trash barrels in kitchen

This double bin pull-out is a must-have for hiding unsightly trash and recycling bins.

kitchen storage baskets

Under the counter baskets add texture to a kitchen design and help to give the space warmth. This is a great spot to store anything from root vegetables to linens and is a favorite addition to kitchen islands.

Hideaway storage is key to keeping a kitchen looking well organized and clean. Creative drawer and cabinet storage can revolutionize your kitchen experience entirely. Other ideas include a cookie sheet drawer with vertical spacers, an appliance “garage,” or dish drawer.

We’d love to know: What cabinet storage addition has been a lifesaver in your kitchen?

Timeless design: white kitchen cabinets for the win

White kitchen cabinets are stealing the show as the top requested color in recent years. They’re bright, fresh, and coordinate beautifully with any decor. The classic look and universal appeal of white painted cabinets make them increasingly popular, but most importantly, they withstand the test of time.

Often times it’s easy to date a natural wood kitchen, even if it’s only a few years old. No matter how beautiful or well-crafted, stains and wood styles come and go quickly. But quality kitchen designs with white cabinets can be ageless—decor notwithstanding.

Below are photos of a project we completed in Sudbury, MA in 2016.

Compare this with a kitchen design a decade earlier in Brookline, MA.

White is the ultimate neutral color. Accents like light fixtures, hardware, and decor can really shine against a white kitchen. White cabinets also allow flexibility to rotate styles easily as trends and styles change without the need for an entire remodel. Just replace a few fixtures and accents, swap out some decor, and it’s like an overhaul without the price tag.

So if you’re looking to brighten up your space, or want to make your remodel last for years to come, consider white cabinets—you won’t regret it.

Review our gallery for more examples of white kitchen cabinets.