Giving Your Kitchen a Fresh New Look


Looking to update your kitchen without spending the big bucks on a full renovation? Here are a few easy tips that you can do yourself that will freshen up the space without breaking the bank.
Changing the cabinet color and/or finish. A fresh coat of paint or a new stain can breathe life back into older cabinetry. In turn, choosing a new paint color for the walls can help those cabinets pop.

Replacing the hardware on the cabinetry is a simple project that can be completed in an afternoon. Removing the outdated hardware and picking out a new knob or pull can change the whole feel of a kitchen!

Re-tiling the backsplash can go a long way. Other larger projects could include changing the tired old countertops with a new sink and faucet.Britton Mini Pendant

A few other simple changes could be; get a new light fixture for over the island or the table area, changing out curtains/hanging rods, updating appliances, and updating the wall d├ęcor.

If you are considering a full remodel and would like to discuss your options we would be happy to speak with you in detail. Please visit our showroom during our business hours or give us a call at 781-239-9750 to make an appointment.